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Regular Watercolour Classes - Strelley Hall, Strelley Village, Nottingham - semalt

Every Monday afternoon , and occasional Full Day classes at Strelley Hall, Strelley Village Nottingham with Professional Artist and Tutor Bill Lupton 07572 33 44 77 email bill.lupton@ntlworld.comwww.thepaintings.co.uk. and on FaceBook -


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Seo Goode

Broxtowe & Strelley Carnival 6.9.2015 - semalt


Promotion Carrolup Hall

Strelley - Proud and Strong - semalt

Students at Strelley Community School have spent one week developing, this moving music video - Strelley - Proud and Strong – exploring the themes of caring for self, caring for others and caring for country. We were so lucky to work along side senior Elder Bruce Thomas and indigenous teacher Denny French on celebrating one of the local languages – Nyangumarta. Special shout out to the students who stepped out of their comfort zone and pushed themselves to sing in melodies and using their beautiful language to emphasise their connections with each other and country.The students selected special locations for the filming of this video, show casing the extraordinary and ancient country that expands the South East Pilbara region.In keeping with the schools approach to “2 Way Learning” and “On Country Learning”, the elders led the way on the walk around and displayed some hip hop moves of their own.We are extremely proud of the total commitment from everyone contributing to this creative project. This is IHHP third visit and we were so privileged and lucky to revisit and reconnect with this beautiful place and country.STRELLEY PROUD AND STRONG (Lyrics)Verse 1 (Strelley Boys)1. Listen up all my people2. We are one, we are equal - Dwight3. Racism lets make a change4. Color of our blood is all the same - Arnie5. If you’re feeling down if your feeling pain6. Let’s talk about it, don’t feel shame - Josiah7. If we want to be fit and stay alive8. We got to hunt and fish and exercise - Jayden9. Family, Culture, respect each other10. Keeping language strong like Nyangumarta - Mindeo11. When our people are down we gonna pick em up12. Listen and talk, gotta show love - Mason13. Why the jealousy make you stressed14. Why the Pain, got you feeling depressed - Spencer15. Stay strong, live life16. Its my people, it’s the Strelley Pride - GeorgePre ChorusTukujilaniny, nyunturlu - (Rohanna / Shimmy/ Danzal)(look after yourself, look after yourself) - GroupJinta tukujinayarniny - (Rohanna)(look after each other, look after each other) - GroupChorusOOOOhhh … Nganarnalu yurtingunyanga - (Rohanna / Shimmy/ Danzal)Aall of us in Strelley)Tuku jina yirni (Boys Group)(looking after)Warran (country) Tuku jina yirni (Boys Group)(looking after) Ngapa (water) (Rohanna)Verse 2 – (Strelley Girls)1. Strelley girls it is our hour 2. Can you feel that sister power - (Latara)3. All the bullies when I hear them talk 4. I know I got my sisters for support - (Rohanna)5. We dance together showing our dreaming 6. We don’t want no jealousy, or hurting or teasing – (Donnisha)7. We building you up we not putting you down 8. When we walk around, connect to the ground – (Shonielle)9. The girls are deadly on country AHHHHY10. Just wait till you see us girls go hunting AHHHHY –(Mika)11. An I will listen if you need to talk 12. If you need to get away, and we can always walk – (Shimmy)13. Like the colour of the flag red, yellow black 14. Us sister girls always got your back – (Annie)15. So I support you, you support me16. Our culture our spirit its our identity – (Kirsley)Pre ChorusTukujilaniny, nyunturlu - (Rohanna / Shimmy/ Danzal)(look after yourself, look after yourself) - GroupJinta tukujinayarniny - (Rohanna)(look after each other, look after each other) - GroupChorusOOOOhhh … Nganarnalu yurtingunyanga - (Rohanna / Shimmy/ Danzal)(all of us in Strelley)Tuku jina yirni (Boys Group)(looking after)Warran (country) Tuku jina yirni (Boys Group)(looking after) Ngapa (water) (Rohanna)Spoken Word – (Bruce)Everyone has spirit inside, everyone need to get alongMartiyananyayirni Pitju ja Junga ja Ngupa( It came from springs in the ground, we used to drink the water)Marntiyanayirni Wurnarrijirri Kuyikarti(We walked everywhere for hunting)What we caught we shared with the familyWe would make small fires for hunt for animalsSprits travelled on the songlinesPartujayi Yananyi Pirlurr YananyiWhen it make rain we need ceremony Keep the rivers down, Make the rivers run,Water runs like blood in our veinsPre ChorusTukujilaniny, nyunturlu - (Rohanna / Shimmy/ Danzal)(look after yourself, look after yourself) - GroupJinta tukujinayarniny - (Rohanna)(look after each other, look after each other) - GroupChorusOOOOhhh … Nganarnalu yurtingunyanga - - (Rohanna / Shimmy/ Danzal)(all of us in Strelley)Tuku jina yirni (Boys Group)(looking after)Warran (country) Tuku jina yirni (Boys Group)(looking after) Ngapa (water) (Rohanna) -

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Strelley School- Celebration Song - semalt

IHHP artists Nellie Harris, Dallas Woods, Danzal Baker, Dion Brownfield and Syd Andrews we so privileged to be invited back this week to Warralong, Pilbara WA, Strelley School to make this deadly music video called 'Strelley School Celebration Song'. Strelley was the first Aboriginal Independent School in WA, which was established by a strong group of elders 40 years ago in 1976. There is now 13 Aboriginal Independent schools in WA. These schools are the backbone and primary service provider for these remote communities and allow community to have control and autonomy over their kids education with a focus on schooling on country, culture, and identity. Along with teaching core Numeracy and Literacy. The key values that the old people set for the school are 'Strong and Proud' which are still the same values today. We were so lucky to create this 'Celebration song' Happy 40th birthday Strelley School and may you have many more to come. -

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Coupe-Gorge - Coupe-Gorge - semalt

Coupe-Gorge - Coupe-Gorgehttp://coupe-gorge.bandcamp.comPunk/Oi! - Genève -

Seo service Boree Creek

gorge - semalt

vocabulaire technique -

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gorge - semalt

guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/vie... -

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Panther Gorge-Tour de Gorge - semalt

Exploring Panther Gorge from the north pass on the Mt. Haystack side across to the cliffs on Marcy, Grand Central Slide and the East Face. We continued the bushwhack to the beaver ponds and exited to the south. An icy climb of Marcy under the cover of darkness topped the day. In all our dayhike covered 20.75 miles with 6,000+ vertical feet over 18 hours. -Kevin MudRat MacKenzie, Adam Crofoot & Allison Rooney.-One correction to the video. On Marcy's summit I yelled out 6:45 pm.--I was an hour late on the time.Panther Gorge is located between Mt. Marcy and Mt. Haystack in the Adirondacks, NY. -

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Gorge - semalt

Food -

Seo Dudley West

gorge - semalt

Provided to YouTube by Stem Disintermedia Inc.gorge · Quickly Quicklygorge℗ 2017 Quickly QuicklyReleased on: 2017-09-25Auto-generated by YouTube. -

Seo Vila Bela

Gorge - semalt

'Ey up, viewers and vieweresses! Today I give to you another RTCW single player custom map; Gorge, the maker of which I don't know the name of. In this map, the player is launched into an assault on a German fortification; a somewhat impossible assault, considering how bloody tough the enemies are and how little health pickups I could find. I didn't particularly like this map, but for anyone who might be interested, the download link is: http://returntocastlewolfenstein.file... -

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Strolling - Strelley social club 2010 - semalt

Strolling at Strelley rock'n'roll club 2010 with DJ Sean, echoes of the past. For information on the latest dates and venues near you visit: http://www.rnrgigguide.com/ -

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Gorge - semalt

Gorge - 5 ème Chakra-------------------------------Soulage les maux de gorge grâce à la combinaison des vibrations (384 hz - 46.5 hz).Sur le plan " physique ":Gorge, bouche, dent, mâchoire, oreilles, thyroïde, système respiratoire.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sur le plan " Esprit-Emotions ":Communication, créativité, émotivité, imagination,don artistique. -

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Butterfly Gorge Walk - Katherine Gorge - semalt

A long walk over a very rough, poorly maintained track to a gorge filled with butterflies. The locals know the best way to get back is to use an inflatable air bed of some sort, and drift through Katherine Gorge. I had to walk back... -

Promotion Tabuada

Ormiston Gorge Camping plus Gorgeous Gorge - semalt

The truly gorgeous Ormiston Gorge and its national park camping ground - in the West MacDonnell Ranges, west of Alice Springs, Central Australia. Travelled from Kings Canyon via the mostly gravel Mereenie Loop Road. Camps 7 NT # 47. -

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Stonycreek Gorge - semalt

The Stonycreek Gorge, the bigger and more fun section of the Stonycreek River located about 1 mi. outside of Shanksville, Pa. The section is fairly constant with a couple class 4s and tons of class 3ish boogie water. Really would like to see it at a higher water level would be pretty much nonstop, was able to catch it at 1.5 feet on the Glessner Covered Bridge at the put in. -

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Karangahake Gorge - semalt

Ohinemuri River in flood following a couple of weeks' rain in the Coromandel. -

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Oneonta Gorge - semalt

Oneonta GorgeInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/boredomthea...Blog: https://boredomtheadventure.wordpress...Twitter: https://twitter.com/stephstephsmith -

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Gorge Bless! - semalt

Eddied out in the Columbia river gorge for a few days and ended up paddling the truss, upper and lower lewis, the ohani.. and the Cispus. Enjoy this little edit I threw together! Stoked for redemption on upper lewis mainly. -

Marketing Sítio Mozone

[MKWii Texture] Midnight Gorge (Mushroom Gorge) - semalt

Download: http://wiki.tockdom.com/wiki/Midnight...I'm bored so I may release some more textures in the next few days ;p -

Promotion Canwood

Gorge - Noizetoy - semalt

available on Beatport: http://bit.ly/8bit084Beatport -

Marketing Gillies Corners

Vikos Gorge - semalt

A view of Vikos Gorge at Zachorochoria (Greece). Shot from Vikos village (at the end of the Gorge) during a rainy summer day using Samsung Galaxy Nexus mobile phone (unedited). -

Promotion London

Gorge-Syncline - semalt

Video and voice over description of Syncline. Basic information on how to ride it as well as what's there. -

Marketing McLeodville

Karangahake Gorge - semalt

A day trip to Karangahake Gorge!!! -

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Hokitika Gorge - semalt


Marketing Snake River

Gorge - Azuka - semalt

8bit records -

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kayaking meig gorge and spean gorge - semalt


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Patsos Gorge - semalt

A beautifull gorge in the prefecture of Rethymnon in Crete. it's a little difficult trekk but with shade and water running all year long!! Highly recommended! -

Marketing Vierhusen

Frostwhisper Gorge - semalt

Frostwhisper Gorge in Winterspring -

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Menstrie gorge - semalt

Exploring a new gorge in the local Ochils with ClanAdventureshttp://www.clanadventures.co.uk/ -

Promotion Traitsching

Gorge Rd - semalt

Learning to fly my drone at the Gorge Road jump park in NZ. Followed up by some stabilized gopro gimbal shots. -

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Partnach Gorge - semalt

Get Lost in Germany with Kelley FerroThe Partnach Gorge surprised me. It's history as a logging transport route helped shape the region and just standing next to the rushing waters is awe-inspiring. The lower path puts you just meters above the roaring waves so be prepared to get a little wet! -

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Amot Gorge - semalt

Amot gorge is the final few kilometers of the Sjoa river in Norway. It's where a lot of the local raft guides spend their evenings, mornings or any other spare twenty minutes. -

Promotion Straupitz

Richti gorge - semalt

Richti gorgeWe depart from the KTEL of Hanioporta at 8 oclock in the morning. Our trekking starts from the village, Exo Mouliana. We walk past a stone arched small bridge and take the lush path parallel to the brook until we reach the spectacular waterfall. We stop there to swim in the pool and enjoy the beautiful scenery, under the enormous ancient plain trees. We continue our walk to the nearby beach, where we enjoy swimming, if we wish.Trekking hours: 5 -

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Gorge - Xaxax - semalt

buy this song for $0.15 only at http://mp3mart.net Gorge - Xaxax Gorge - Xaxax Gorge - Xaxax -

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Durance Gorge - semalt

Kayaking on the Durance Gorge, June 2015. Low, Medium levels one of the best runs of the trip even with a big portage. -

Seo Klein Leppin

Lerderderg Gorge - semalt

A training walk from O’Briens Crossing along East Walk by the river. The return was up Cowan Track to O’Briens Road, then down Short Cut track back to O’Briens Crossing. Total distance was 14km and with a stop for lunch took 5.5 hours. A great walk and as it is state park we were allowed to take our dog Scout -

Marketing Klein Gnemern


Même caractéristique que pour la vidéo de la gorge mais avec le ré-équilibrage naturel de la thyroïde mise en avant -

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Glacier Gorge - semalt

Sometimes we need to take a step back from lofty goals and epic expeditions to relax, enjoy the places where we push our boundaries in more simple ways, and spend time with friends. Which is exactly what Graham Zimmerman needed after a spring in Alaska. So when Blake Herrington began organizing a "Glacier Gorge Extravaganza" up to the heights of Rocky Mountain National Park, he didn't hesitate to join in for a week of good friends eating good food, and simply living under rocks surrounded by gorgeous granite. -

Seo Hildesheim

ouverture gorge - semalt


Seo service Hanrade

Cheddar Gorge - semalt

A drive through the biggest Gorge in the UK "Cheddar Somerset". -

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Gorge - Garuna - semalt

buy this song for $0.15 only at http://mp3mart.net Gorge - Garuna Gorge - Garuna Gorge - Garuna -

Promotion Großobringen

Samaria Gorge - semalt

Crossing of Samaria Gorge -

Seo Großmehlra

Flume Gorge - semalt

The Flume is a natural gorge extending 800 feet at the base of Mount Liberty. The walls of Conway granite rise to a height of 70 to 90 feet and are 12 to 20 feet apart. A trip into the Flume begins and ends at the Flume Visitor's Center. Guests can choose to walk through just the Gorge or do a two mile loop. The walk includes uphill walking and lots of stairs. The boardwalk allows you to look closely at the growth of flowers, ferns and mosses found here.The Flume was discovered in 1808 by 93-year-old "Aunt" Jess Guernsey when she accidently came upon it while fishing. She had trouble convincing her family of the marvelous discovery, but eventually persuaded others to come and see for themselves. At that time, a huge egg-shaped boulder hung suspended between the walls. The rock was 10 feet high and 12 feet long. A heavy rainstorm in June of 1883 started a landslide that swept the boulder from its place. It has never been found. The same storm deepened the gorge and formed Avalanche Falls. -

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Olduvai Gorge - semalt

Anthro 200 Documentary!Allison Howl, Morgan Schroder, Tyler Quigley, Joanna Li, and Bryce Hamilton -

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Gorge Lisha - semalt

Digital: http://bit.ly/8bit100BeatportVinyl: http://bit.ly/8bit100Vinyl -

Seo Ebsdorf

Gorge - Tayo - semalt

Digital: http://bit.ly/8bit100BeatportVinyl: http://bit.ly/8bit100Vinyl -

Promotion Bilm

Brachina Gorge - semalt

During June, 2015, Paul VK5PAS, John VK5BJE, & David VK5KC, travelled to the north of South Australia, and activated a number of parks and summits as part of the World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF) program, the VK5 Parks Award, and the Summits on the Air (SOTA) program. They also operated as VK100ANZAC from the old ghost town of Farina.This short video was taken on 20th June 2015 during a lunch break at Brachina Gorge in the Flinders Ranges. It shows Joe VK3YSP & his wife Julie VK3FOWL, operating portable from the Melbourne Museum, as part of Museums Weekend. -

Marketing Bertlingen

Trephina Gorge - semalt

A rugged desert gorge to the east of Alice Springs in the East MacDonald range. -

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Mossman Gorge - semalt

A lovely walk up Mossman river from the equally lovely Silky Oaks Lodge resort. Qld, Australia, -

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Testing out the video on my Fujifilm X -t20. Pretty happy with with it. The colors are so vibrant. -

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Rouge-gorge - semalt


Seo service Valle del Agua


Another weekend away with Mark and his mates, and yes its raining again! This time we went into the valley from the Bungonia Parks Visitors Centre. That track is steep, and five days after returning home my legs are still burning!Was a great walk though, with amazing views and even a wombat thrown in for good measure. -

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Watauga Gorge - semalt

Most of the rapids on the Watauga Gorge -

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Gorge - Mooi - semalt

Label: 8BitCatalog#: 8bit003-2Format: CD, Album CD, Compilation, MixedCountry: GermanyReleased: 11 Jun 2010Genre: ElectronicStyle: Tech House, Minimal -

Seo Nava del Rey

Gorge Kiteboarding - semalt

Kiteboarding in the Columbia River Gorge. Graham and Chase Goodwin with Fort Lauderdale Kitesurfing. doing some sick tricks and getting huge air. Efusjon energy drink. Kiting at the sand bar. -

Marketing Matienzo

Springfield Gorge - semalt

This portion of the Simpsons.S04E18 Originally aired . The Simpsons is property of 20th century TV, FOX Broadcasting and Gracie films. Enjoy. -

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Neversink Gorge - semalt

The Neversink River Gorge-Unique Area.Catch and release and artificial lures only. Watch in 720P or 1080HD. -

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Jiving at Strelley Social club 2010 - semalt

Dancing at Strelley rock'n'roll club 2010 with DJ Sean, echoes of the past. For information on the latest dates and venues near you visit: http://www.rnrgigguide.com/ -

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08 Sean Flynn vs Lee Strelley - semalt

Betty's Boxing presents the fights from the Indigo O2 Friday 2nd March 2018. -

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Joffre Gorge - semalt


Marketing Talus-Saint-Prix

oribi gorge - semalt

A short video of the oribi gorge scenery -

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Platteklip Gorge - semalt

Hiking up Platteklip Gorge on a very pleasant winters day, but then see how quickly the weather changes. -

Promotion Selongey

Gorge Walking - semalt

A quick clip of the children gorge walking at Arthog 2015 -

Promotion Saint-Germain-de-la-Grange

Truso Gorge - semalt

Truso voulcanic gorge in Kazbegi region North Georgia, Caucasus. Lot of mineral water springs, lake and river! Caucasian Bezoar goats. -

Marketing Poil-Vilain

Cobbold Gorge - semalt

Floating through the still waters of Cobbold Gorge, outback Queensland, Australia -

Seo Pargny

Royal Gorge - semalt

Noceti, McLeod, Cavin, and Brent on a run down the Royal Gorge, Cali. -

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Tallulah Gorge - semalt

Tallulah Gorge is one of the largest canyons in the eastern United States. From raging waterfalls to clear deep pools, see views of the gorge that few people ever see. -

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Sarakina Gorge - semalt

Sarakina gorge, in Crete, Greece -

Promotion Les Grands Marteaux

Gorge - Imara - semalt

2010 @ 8bit -

Seo Le Bourgnon

Briancon Gorge - semalt


Seo company Jeurre



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Turda Gorge - semalt

Nature Reserve, founded in 1938, of botanical, zoological, geological and landscape significance, being a national as well as a Natura 2000 site. Within the reserve, there have been identified over 990 species of plants, 110 species of birds, mammals and reptiles. The surface of the protected area is 324 ha. The length of the gorge is 1270 m. The height of the walls is roughly 250 m. Over 100 km of marked hiking paths. You can also rock climb on the 200 m high walls. -

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Finna Gorge - semalt

Finna Gorge, Norwaylow water-levelMusic:Boxing Box: Ocean of LifeThe Rising Hope: Everybody Everyday -

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Taroko Gorge - semalt


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gorge bleue - semalt

Ou Luscinia svecica . Oiseau de la famille des turdidés . -

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Gorge Fire - semalt

Boat on fire and sailboat rescued. Banfield Park, Victoria West BC. (Apr 10, 2017 12:30)To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email licensing@storyful.com -

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Dariali Gorge - semalt

Georgia. Kazbegi. Dariali Gorge.Грузия. Казбеги. Дарьяльское ущелье.ყაზბეგი. დარიალის ხეობა.--------------------------------------------------Metisse - Nomah's LandCerrone - DaphneMorcheeba - Enjoy the ride -

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Hokitika Gorge - semalt

A CTC trip arranged by Andre through the Hokitika Gorge and up Mt O'Connor (video transitions inspired by Sam Kolder). -

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Cheddar Gorge - semalt

Cheddar Gorge is a limestone gorge in the Mendip Hills, near the village of Cheddar in Somerset, England. The gorge is the site of the Cheddar show caves, where Britain's oldest complete human skeleton, Cheddar Man, estimated to be 9,000 years old, was found in 1903.[1] Older remains from the Upper Late Palaeolithic era (12,000--13,000 years ago) have been found.[2] The caves, produced by the activity of an underground river, contain stalactites and stalagmites.Cheddar Gorge, including the caves and other attractions, has become a tourist destination. In a 2005 poll of Radio Times readers, following its appearance on the 2005 television programme Seven Natural Wonders, Cheddar Gorge was named as the second greatest natural wonder in Britain, surpassed only by Dan yr Ogof caves.[3] The gorge attracts about 500,000 visitors per year.[4] -

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Taroko Gorge - semalt

Taroko Gorge just outside Hualien, Taiwan -

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Sawcut Gorge - semalt

I went on a trip up north with some friends to do the walk to Sawcut Gorge. It was good fun and the scenery was great. I took my camera along to get some good footage. Enjoy!Canon EOS 5D Mark IIICanon 16-35mm f/2.8 LGlidecam Devin Graham Signature SeriesSony Vegas Pro 13Music: Alan Walker - Fade [NCS Release]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bM7SZ...NCS➞ Spotify http://bit.ly/SpotifyNCS➞ SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com/nocopyrightsounds➞ Facebook http://facebook.com/NoCopyrightSounds➞ Twitter http://twitter.com/NCSounds➞ Google+ http://google.com/+nocopyrightsounds➞ Instagram http://instagram.com/nocopyrightsounds_Alan Walker➞ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DJWalkzz➞ SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/walkzz➞ Twitter https://twitter.com/IAmAlanWalker➞ YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/DjWalkzz -

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Gorge walk - semalt

Gorge walk Llangollen -

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BlackHand Gorge - semalt

Part of ride thru Blackhand Gorge June 22 2012 morning -

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Waimak Gorge - semalt

This is the kayak section of the famous Coast to Coast race -

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Findhorn Gorge - semalt

Regents Canoe Club members going down the river Findhorn in Scotland. -

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Karangahake Gorge - semalt

Just or the Beisly family. Thought it might be nice for you to see. Pete Jackson -

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Vintgar Gorge - semalt

Trip to Vintgar Gorge in the Triglav National Park, Slovenia in June 2013. -

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Oneonta Gorge - semalt

A short hike up the Oneonta gorge.. -

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Oneonta Gorge - semalt

October 21, 2015Portland, OregonRoses - The ChainsmokersOneonta Gorge Trail to Oneonta FallsApproximately 1.2 miles round trip, out and back trail through water.First, make sure your car is secure and hide valuables, break ins on this stretch of road is highly common.Begin by walking down some stairs to the water, scramble over a lot of logs. It is crowded with people in the summer and can be a log jam at this point! Continue through water, depending on the time of the year it can be chest to ankle deep. You will get wet regardless! At the end is Oneonta Falls. Enjoy every moment in this mossy slot canyon and continue to ExplOregon.One of the easiest hikes in the Columbia River Gorge that is easily missed by lots of tourist. Literally minutes from the infamous Multnomah Falls, but often never seen.For pictures follow on instagram:@atom_photobomb -

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Karangahake Gorge - semalt

Farting around testing new gimbal dampersStorm32 BGC -

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Gorge-ous - semalt

Drone flight through the Columbia River Gorge, including the first cinematic video of Starvation Creek Falls. The view from the base is incomplete and the waterfall's top tier is totally inaccessible. Other locations include Rooster Rock SP, Oneonta Gorge and East Lolo Pass Road.Music: 'Better Off Alone' by Alice Deejay -

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Slickrock Gorge - semalt

Provided to YouTube by MusicxipSlickrock Gorge · VG Cover JunkiesProject: Jet Moto 2℗ VG GroupReleased on: 2016-01-31Auto-generated by YouTube. -

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Cania Gorge - semalt

This video is about Cania Gorge -

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Oneonta Gorge - semalt

+ + + EXPAND FOR MORE INFO + + +Don't forget to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it! That lets me know you like the content I'm making :)- WATCH IN 4K TO ENJOY THE GLORY OF THE GORGE! Hiking on a trail that doesn't exist in the gorge. Just following the waterfall.P R E V I O U S V I D E O: + “Crater Lake“: http://bit.ly/2a6h2FYS U B S C R I B E:+ Subscribe to my channel for more videos: http://bit.ly/1YDfsxuS O C I A L M E D I A L I N K S:+ My Website: http://www.selenaphandouangsy.com+ Twitter: http://twitter.com/sphandouangsy+ Instagram: http://instagram.com/sphandouangsy+ Tumblr: http://madandsassy.tumblr.com + Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/selena-phandoua...M U S I C:+ "Chill Out Bruh" by Don Papa- Hope you enjoyed the video! I’ll see you beautiful human beings in my next video xx -

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The Gorge - semalt


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Avakas Gorge - semalt

Inside the Avakas Gorge in Akamas Paphos in Spring time -

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Carnarvon Gorge - semalt


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